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  • There are 14 levels in the Bloodwar dungeon. Defeat all monsters on a level to advance to the next level.
  • Your time on each layer is limited. If you don't kill all monsters within the time limit, you'll fail the dungeon.
  • Reach higher levels to reap greater rewards.
  • All manner of fantastic items are available from the Mystery Merchant level on L7.

Dread Vale
  • This dungeon has three different difficulties. Normal mode unlocks at lvl. 37, Hard mode unlocks at lvl. 47, and Nightmare mode unlocks at lvl. 57.
  • A wave of the Dread Army will attack at different intervals.
  • Destroy all invading members of the Dread Army.
  • EXP and Silver are rewarded for each enemy slain.
  • Players can spend Gold to call for support.
  • You can enter the Dread Vale 3 times per day.

Light Guardian
  • Unlocks at lvl. 41. Enter with a party or by yourself.
  • Protect the Goddess Vetra from increasingly large waves of monsters. After killing several waves, you will be beset by a BOSS. Defeat the boss to win.
  • If you succeed, you will be rewarded with EXP and Silver.

  • You can enter a Hellgate dungeon once per day. By clearing dungeons, you'll get EXP, Silver, Star Power, Arqus, gems, and more. VIP2s can buy additional attempts.
  • Blitz unlocks with VIP3. After you clear a dungeon in Hellgate for the first time, you will be able to blitz the dungeon, obtaining all rewards after a simple cooldown.

Thick as Thieves
  • This dungeon has three different difficulties. Normal mode unlocks at lvl. 38, Hard mode unlocks at lvl. 48, and Nightmare mode unlocks at lvl. 58.
  • At regular intervals a new wave of monsters attacks.
  • Defeat each wave to earn a chest. Attacking a chest yields Vouchers and Silver.
  • Each dungeon lasts 20 minutes. You must clear the dungeon within this time.