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Kingdom Rift Events on 2015/7/29!

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7/27 22:00—7/29 23:59(PDT)
7/28 00:00—7/30 02:59 (EDT)
7/28 05:00—7/30 06:59(GMT)
7/28 11:00—7/30 14:59(GMT+8)

Server: All servers (Servers that are running new server events or server merge events are excluded)

Recharge Bonus

Recharge AmountRewardsLimit
500Enrich Scroll*5, Arques Potion(10K)*2, EXP Scroll(2X)*11
2500Enhance Scroll(L1)*3,Equs Ore(II)*3, HP Dram(III)*1, Questing Chest*51
5000Enhance Scroll(L1)*5,Equs Ore(II)*4,EXP Scroll(3X)*1, Enrich Scroll Coupen*11
10000Parlay Scroll*5, Equs Ore(II)*5, Buring Ashes(Limited)*1, Arques Potion(10K)*330
20000Enhance Scroll(L1)*8, Equs Ore(II)*8, Buring Ashes(Limited)*2, Siver exchange vouchers(100K)*51
50000Enhance Scroll(L1)*10, Equs Ore(II)*15, Buring Ashes(Limited)*3,Siver exchange vouchers(100K)*10, Enhance Scroll(II,+8 Certainty)*11

VIP Level

Reach VIP 3Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*10, Enrich Scroll*8
Reach VIP 4Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*30, Enrich Scroll*15
Reach VIP 5Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*40, Enrich Scroll*20
Reach VIP 6Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*50, Enrich Scroll*25
Reach VIP 7Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*60, Claret Ore*2
Reach VIP 8Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*70, Claret Ore*2
Reach VIP 9Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*80, Claret Ore*2
Reach VIP 10Enhance Scroll(L1)(limited)*90, Claret Ore*2

Ace Arms Upgrade

L2 Ace ArmsEqus Ore(Limited)*100
L3 Ace ArmsEqus Ore(Limited)*200
L4 Ace ArmsEqus Ore(Limited)*300
L5 Ace ArmsEqus Jade*10, EXP Scroll(5X)*1

Free Exchange

Require ItemsRewardsLimit
Burning Ashes*15Enhance Scroll(II)(+8 certainty)*2, Buring Ashes(Limited)*151
Burning Ashes*35VIP Crit Rune*1, EXP Scroll(5X)*11
Soul Set Shard*5Soul Epic Set Chest*11
Sera sand I*10, sera sand II*10value chest*1,EXP potion(100K)*110
Rift Gem I*10,Rift Gem II*10value chest*1,EXP potion(100K)*110

Pack Sale

PackOriginal PriceSale PriceLimit
Ace Arms Special Pack(IV)125009999200
Ace Arms Special Pack(III)625005555500
Ace Arms Special Pack(II)25002199800
Ace Arms Special Pack(I)12501125999
Rare Mount Gaunlet Chest49994500999
Rare Mount Saddleback49994500999
Rare Mount Stirrups Chest49994500999
Rare Mount Reins Chets49994500999
Gear Value Pack(IV)1425010999200
Gear Value Pack(III)62505555500
Gear Value Pack(II)27502450800
Gear Value Pack(I)15001350999

Recharge Everyday

Total Amount
Everytime you recharge 500 gold(can collect up to 5 times)
VIP Chest*1, Silver Exchange Voucher(100K)*5, Arqus Potion(10K)*5, Enhance Scroll(L1)*2, Pyxis*5, VIP Value Pack*1
Recharge a total of 1500 gold(can collect once)
Enhance Scroll(L1)*20
Recharge a total of 2500 gold(can collect once)
Enhance Scroll(L1)*40

Happy Roulette