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Kingdom Rift Introduction

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On the edge of the world, Hellgate stirs after a long sleep, and it shall unleash the dark fury of the underworld Jerikar. Light Wardens, the defenders of all that is good, are mobilizing in the wake of ominous reports of disturbances, but they are helplessly outnumbered. The elven court is topsy-turvy amidst succession struggles, blood-drinker Numens and lupine Lycans are at each other’s throats, Kentaurs are rumored to have broken the sacred Accords of Peace, and there are whispers of intrigue and betrayal in the golden Wyrm Hall of the ancient dragons. In these desperate times, you must gather your courage and leap into the fray! Discover your true path of a champion of good, and grow ever stronger! You will face ancient agents of darkness, so arm yourself with powerful gear, wield Ace Arms, fight with a fierce Goddess by your side, and mounts of mystical beasts!