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​​Multiple Kingdom Rift Servers to Merge on 4/17

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Greetings Rifters!

Combat has become scarce these days but don't let the fire in your heart grow cold! A number of brave warriors will soon join your server - to fight alongside you or compete against you! The following servers will be merging during the maintenance starting at 01:00 PDT/04:00 EDT/08:00 GMT/16:00 GMT+8 on 4/17/2015.
  • GMT: S51+S53
  • PDT: [S40, S44, S48]+S52
  • GMT+8: [S7, S10, S19, S25, S37, S45]+S49
  • EDT: [S13, S15, S17, S39]+[S21, S23, S27, S29, S31, S33, S35]; [S43, S46]+S50

The affected servers will be down for 2-3 hours due to the server merge. Following the merge, player will still be able to enter the game through the same entrance. We appreciate your understanding and thanks for supporting Kingdom Rift!